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We specialize in Corporate Law matters, such as the incorporation of civil and commercial companies, recommending the scheme that best suits your operation and needs. The drafting of company bylaws and minutes of General Shareholders' Assemblies, by virtue of which the shareholders or partners of a company discuss a variety of points related to operations, to be informed of its progress by the administration, or make decisions regarding the operation and direction of the company that the administration cannot take on its own account.
We manage the drafting of general or special powers of attorney in accordance with the needs of each client and particular situation, and we have extensive experience in conflict resolution matters between shareholders through proposals designed specifically for each controversy, thus avoiding the costs and risks of going to court for the solution of these disputes between members of the same society, which are very common.
The corporate team comprehensively helps our clients in overseeing national and international commercial transactions, i.e., the elaboration of commercial contracts fully adjusted to the needs of each client, negotiation on their behalf with their counterpart before signing each contract, active participation in the corporate restructuring processes that we have designed, among others
Business Services/ Contracts: 
  • Legal advice and consultancy in mergers and acquisitions processes Expansion process
  • Advice on structuring transactions,
  • Due diligence
  • Constitution of civil and commercial companies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Commercial contracts

Due Dilligence


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