Our commitment is simple, to find the most efficient way to protect your creations, inventions, or secrets.

At IBG LEGAL we seek mechanisms to protect the originality of our clients' works, creations, inventions, trademarks, and patents.


We are aware of the great impact generated by the correct protection of a company's intangible assets and the enormous competitive advantage that these provide on a day-to-day basis.


Our Intellectual Property area has the widest experience in the field and we guarantee you the peace of mind of knowing that your rights are protected.


Background search

  • Trademarks

  • Background searches to determine registry availability

  • Searches by Holder / Applicant

  • Surveillance Services of Distinctive Signs for Registration Opposition

  • Copyright

  • Background searches of Work Records

  • Searches for the availability of Reserves of Rights to Exclusive Use


Contracts regarding Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks

  • Use Licenses

  • Cession of rights

  • Franchises

  • Technology transfer

  • Liens (guarantee)

  • Changes of name, denomination, or company name of the owner, transformation of the legal regime, change of registered office of the owner and/or establishment

  • Copyright

  • Contracts for the exploitation of a copyright or related rights, etc.


Intellectual Property Litigation

  • Investigations for Unauthorized Use, Counterfeiting, etc.

  • Contentious Procedures for Nullity, Expiration, Infringement, and Unfair Competition, etc.

  • Review Appeal

  • Federal Administrative Litigation Trial (Judgment of Nullity - Appeal)

  • Specialized support before judicial instances

  • Amparo trial