We know how appealing Mexican timeshares can be; owning a vacation spot in a beautiful Mexican beachfront resort is a dream come true.

Add to this that the seller always makes the timeshare very attractive, so much so that it is nearly impossible to resist. There are legitimate companies that offer exceptional services and benefits to timeshare buyers, but you should beware of the expectations you should have on the service they provide and malicious companies that do not have your best interests at heart.


When buying a timeshare in Mexico, consider the following recommendations before signing a contract:

Protect your investment

  • Even when is presented to you not as a Timeshare but as a Vacation Membership, Club, Package, or other. Most of them are based on the same principle: If you must pay an amount to access some special services, discounts, or preferential rates, it rules by the same laws.

  • Seek to understand all the costs involved. Keep in mind that most of them had cost to subscribe, buy, access, own, or whatever they call it, that could be presented to pay on cash or with a financial program with monthly payments, (in this last case check the interest rates of their financial structure); and there are the costs of use, such as maintenance fees, mandatory all-inclusive fees, annual fees, special contributions every “x” years, exchange program fees, taxes, etc that may increase each year. Check with your sales representative to see if these fees are capped.

  • If you had decided to move on and get it. After the sales process, a Verification Legal Officer “VLO” of the company will present you with your agreement/contract that should include everything that has been offered to you. Nonverbal offers will be impossible to pursuit so be sure that and at least the main dominant motive of your decision is included in your contract.

  • As any other business, they are very different values to different Timeshares. The sales process is not designed for you to do a lot of research before you decide. So, if you have the chance to talk to other owners of that property this may give you an idea of the expectations could have. If this is not possible and you still have hesitations, but you are still interested, most of them offer “trial programs” so you could take advantage of those “special/promotional/ first visit incentives” of that day, and start with something that diminishes the risk. When buying a Timeshare, avoid going out of your financial contort zone. Compare it with the cost and value of your present value for vacations.

  • A very simple rule that may help is to compare resorts with others to find a balance between amenities, maintenance costs, and availability. How many years the company you are interested in has been business, how many properties they have, have you stayed there before? What are the chances to you to come back to that property? All of them offer exchange programs to overcome “always going back to the same place objection” but keep in mind that even due there are very successful exchange programs, that’s the exception! The rule is for you to use the place you sign for. On top of that, exchanges programs always had additional fees and some restrictions that may not be explained in full.

  • It is true that some promotions involve exclusive benefits, but don't let your sales representative force or rush you into signing anything. Measure your investment, trust, comfort, and service you are receiving. If they your sales representative or any other person on the staff does not satisfy your services expectations, walk away! The fact that you become a “member” won't change that.

  • They will all offer an incentive to attend to the presentation of their services. Make sure the promised gift is given to you regardless of your decision. If they offer you a special “decision today” incentive, be sure that is included in the contract.

  • Do not sign documents that are written only in Spanish without prior legal advice. It is valid to sign a contract in Mexico in other languages than Spanish, ideally will be presented in both languages but is it only in your language is ok.


Contract Termination