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IBG Legal has professionals in accounting and finance who walk you through understanding the complexities of the Mexican tax environment system. Guides you in the registration, administration, and compliance of tax duties to run your business clear and free of misdemeanors, administrative or criminal penalties.

Support services:

  • Tax and mediation procedures.

  • Registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registry.

  • Procedures with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Tax Administration System (SAT).

  • Advice on preparing and filing reports under the Foreign Investment Law (FIA) and its regulations.

  • We also provide personal and commercial accounting services.




Every purchase of real estate entails the payment of taxes: Real Estate Acquisition Tax (ISABI) on the part of the buyer and Income Tax (ISR) on the part of the seller. In the case of foreigners wishing to purchase real estate in Mexico, the rules do not change.



At the time of paying their corresponding taxes, the seller may exempt or pay ISR and the buyer must pay ISABI, duties, fees, notary expenses, among others.

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