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If you are an investor, it is essential to consider how to hold your down payment or deposit during this important phase. At IBG, we offer escrow services that provide a neutral third party to hold funds following the parties' instructions. In doing so, neither party can access these funds until all obligations of both parties have been fulfilled.
Mexican lawyers, Notaries, or real estate agents are not authorized to hold "trust" funds. Neither of them could perform as an escrow agent. In Mexico, funds are irregularly held in the personal bank accounts of real estate agents, developers, or attorneys. These accounts are not insured and can be seized. Even if a broker or attorney holds those funds in good faith, creditors and the tax authority (SAT) can access these accounts. The accounts are not protected, as if they were with an incorporated escrow agent.
IBG Legal is a trusted law firm authorized to provide escrow services in Mexico and other parts of the United States.
The benefits of IBG Legal trust services include:
  • Separate management of the escrow account.
  • Funds are deposited into a Canadian bank account.
  • The escrow account is protected by professional liability insurance of USD 1,000,000.00 per account.
  • Escrow services include arbitration procedures to resolve any disagreements with the transaction.
  • Fraud prevention.
IBG Legal professional engagement services are available in a variety of individual and corporate business situations.
  • Real Estate Transactions.
  • Real Estate leasing.
  • Line of credit.
  • International trade.
  • Seasonal leasing.
  • Commission payments.
  • Management of trust accounts in Mexico.

Pre-Sale Agreement Services

Property Closings

Trust / Fideicomiso

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