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Black and white photo with white text who says Pre-Sale Agreement Services

Secure Your Investment with Confidence


     In the world of real estate, timing is crucial. Whether you're pursuing a new development project or securing an offer while finalizing an investment, it's essential to protect your interests with a properly executed pre-sale agreement as well as register any agreements you may reach


At IBG Legal, our expert team provides comprehensive pre-sale agreement services, ensuring that the terms, conditions, and potential penalties are clearly outlined to protect your investment. By establishing a legally sound pre-sale contract, you can be confident that your interests are safeguarded throughout the buying process.


For investors, safeguarding your down payment or deposit during this critical phase is vital. That's why we offer secure escrow services, acting as a neutral third party to hold funds according to the parties' instructions. This ensures that neither party can access the funds until all obligations have been fulfilled, providing you with additional peace of mind.


Trust IBG Legal to protect and support your real estate investments in Mexico with our comprehensive pre-sale agreement and escrow services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions with confidence.

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