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Consultation Terms

We are committed to providing quality legal services at fair and reasonable prices. Our cost structure is tailored according to this principle.
We will always attempt to advise of fixed costs upfront for approval before proceeding with new formal instructions. Estimates will include our professional fees, payment of official fees, office disbursements, and payments related to third parties (where applicable) such as foreign agents and advocates.
Although we prefer to work on fixed costs for certainty purposes, some instances and types of engagements do not allow for the same. In this regard, we advise that our hourly rate, depending on the seniority of the attorney involved, starts from:

  • US$ 150* + VAT. for Paralegal Specialist,

  • US$ 300* + VAT.  for Associate Attorney,

  • US$ 500* + VAT.  for Partner Attorney.

Our "Cuota litis" is 20%

Deposit Policy.
We normally require 50% of at the quoted amount upfront, before commencing formal instructions. The remainder amount then becomes payable immediately upon the presentation of our invoice for the instruction.
Any other payment arrangements or indulgences must be expressly agreed to in writing by our firm.
In the event that urgency prevents us from first confirming costs, indicating or obtaining a deposit before executing on a formal instruction, you undertake to pay an invoice for such services immediately upon presentation of our invoice. This relates in particular to instances where we are awaiting your further instructions and obtaining extensions of terms in registration or litigation processes to reserve your rights.

If your matter is subject to a deadline, you have to inform us in writing of such deadline by which you require completion of your matter or instruction. We will always put in our best efforts to comply with the requested deadline and inform you if we are unable to do so.

Contact Details.
You agree to provide us with your most recent contact details and that the contact details provided are correct and accurate. You agree to inform us of any changes in the above contact details within a reasonable time of such changes. In the event that your contact details have changed, and after taking reasonable steps (including email, registered post, telephone, fax, and email contacts as well as searches on the Internet and Company Register) we reserve the right to cease rendering services and withdraw as “address for service”.

Unpaid Invoices.
If invoices are not paid promptly, we reserve the right to immediately cease rendering services, cease incurring costs on your matters, withdraw as attorneys of record at any time, and take legal action against you to recover such payments.
If legal steps are taken to recover
any amount, you agree to pay such costs of such court proceedings on a client-attorney scale.

We have a very good track record with litigation matters. However, we confirm that litigation may be unpredictable and that positive results cannot be guaranteed. The outcome of a litigation matter is always dependent on the relevant presiding officer.

The terms of this document constitute the basis of any engagement with our firm and the signed version of this document is a valid agreement between our firm and the instructor indicated. Changes to these terms must be in writing.

*Our fees only include our services, therefore any kind of expenses, third party expenses notary fees, licences, permits and/or tax are excluded.

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