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Exploring Mexican Timeshares with IBG Legal


     Owning a vacation spot in a beautiful Mexican beachfront resort is a dream come true, and we understand the appeal of timeshares. However, it's crucial to be cautious and protect your investment when purchasing a timeshare in Mexico.


Consider these recommendations before signing a contract:


  • Protect your investment: Be cautious of vacation memberships, clubs, or packages that require payment for special services, discounts, or preferential rates.

  • Understand all costs involved: Timeshares often have multiple fees, such as maintenance fees, annual fees, exchange program fees, and taxes. Ensure you understand the complete cost structure.

  • Verify the contract: Make sure all promises made during the sales process are included in the written contract.

  • Research and compare: Speak with other property owners to set realistic expectations, and consider trying a trial program to reduce risk.

  • Evaluate the resort: Compare amenities, maintenance costs, and availability with other resorts. Consider the company's history, number of properties, and your likelihood of returning to the property.

  • Don't be pressured: Avoid being rushed into signing anything by sales representatives. Evaluate the investment, trust, comfort, and service you're receiving.

  • Ensure you receive promised incentives: Make sure the promised gift for attending a presentation is provided, regardless of your decision. If a "decision today" incentive is offered, ensure it's included in the contract.

  • Seek legal advice for foreign-language contracts: Don't sign documents written only in Spanish without consulting a legal professional. Contracts can be valid in Mexico in languages other than Spanish, but it's best to have them presented in both languages.

Timeshare Counseling with IBG Legal


     Timeshare contracts necessitate thorough examination, and our team at IBG Legal specializes in reviewing their terms and conditions. Our goal is to prevent potential fraud through comprehensive evaluations of the contracting company and the contract clauses. Additionally, we can help renegotiate any existing timeshare contracts to better serve your interests. 

Timeshare Contract Termination


      At IBG Legal, we provide a comprehensive analysis service for the annulment and cancellation of any type of timeshare contract. We advise you from the initial approach, outlining legal strategies tailored to your specific case. Our services include negotiating with the contracting company, contract cancellation, and litigation for conflicts related to your timeshare contract in order to safeguard your interests.

With IBG Legal by your side, you can explore the complexities of Mexican timeshares and confidently secure your dream vacation spot.

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