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Safeguarding Your Investments


Construction Services Trust:

    Ensure the security and protection of your investment during construction or remodeling projects. IBG Legal offers Trust services, where project funds are placed in a trust and released as construction progresses. This approach helps builders save money and adhere to budget stipulations while ensuring that construction costs are paid in full and on time. Additionally, funds held in trust protect buyers/owners by preventing the misuse of their investments by construction companies.


Trust in Commercial Transactions:

Be cautious of companies making false claims about escrow account services.


     During commercial transactions, both parties face the possibility that the other may not fulfill their obligations. Escrow Services provide a solution by introducing a neutral third party who holds the funds until all parties complete the transaction and meet the terms outlined in the Escrow Services Agreement.


IBG Legal is your trusted collateral agent, offering an impartial and experienced team of interdisciplinary attorneys and business professionals skilled in mediation and problem anticipation. By using our services to manage funds, you can trust that all contractual obligations will be fulfilled, and potential issues will be resolved.


Protect your investments and secure your transactions with the comprehensive Trust / Fideicomiso services offered by IBG Legal. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions for your real estate and commercial needs.

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