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Why is Tulum a good place to invest in Properties?

As a beautiful location with a famous beach, Tulum has a lot going for it. If you want to invest in a property that will be around for a long time and can offer the potential of great returns on investment, real estate in Tulum should definitely be on your list of considerations. As an up-and-coming destination for travelers from all over the world, it is likely to stay popular for quite some time.

Investors will capitalize on the rapid growth of Tulum due to its popularity as a top travel destination. US and European couples and travelers all over the world are seeking wellness experiences. The small town has seen explosive growth over the past ten years with no signs of slowing down.

There’s a lot of investment coming into the area, we have the The Mayan Tren, a regional train currently under construction will also bring visitors from across the Yucatan Peninsula. Tren Maya that’s coming in, we also have the airport, the F1 race track in Puerto Aventuras, the Nickelodeon theme park, also a DreamWorks theme park that is about to open up, and more!

Tulum real estate investing: The best high rental yielding beach town

Tulum's popularity is still rapidly growing for many reasons. Known as "Mexico's Khao Lak," the country's most beautiful coastal escape, Tulum is a hotspot for high rental yielding property. The qualities that afford a Tulum real estate investment their value are unique.

Specifically, the town is in a municipality with a perfect climate year-round and without hurricanes or tropical storms, has sandy beaches with little to no wave activity, and allows the use of freehold properties, which means you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor without additional fees like variable management charges or carrying costs like years of back mortgage payments if were renting instead..

Current market trends in Tulum

Tulum is a small town located outside of Cancun and has seen a massive economic boom since the tourism industry took off here. Hotels and other attractions opened in Tulum and locals started feeling limited in living space;

What used to be very popular where studio apartments for individuals between 25-39 years old, with an average length of stay being 2 or 3 days, after the pandemic, we found out that people did not want to be staying in a hotel type environment, so they wanted to have more personal space, more accommodations for their families, so we see a shift in the type of tourist that are coming to Tulum, and we also started to see a lot more people moving to Mexico, permanently, or people who work remotely and they come to Mexico for a couple of months. They are looking more for houses or villages, so these rentals are way up. The demand is increasing for homes and individual living spaces.

The area is still developing and already offers prestigious neighborhoods, but also there are new projects coming up like Kan a unique Concept that is a statement of individuality, whilst retaining the worldy, aspirational appeal of the Yucatán Peninsula.

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